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Publications des visiteurs. Fer Licia. Rennie Seah. Waited more than 2 hours but shutter remained shut. No number to cal … l to check why it is closed. Information counter of Downtown East couldn't shed light either.

Disappointing as brought the kids just for this Afficher la suite. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Dear beloved customers, We are sadly to announce that XRider will be closing by 1st January Opening hours: - Happy Deepavali! XRider can make your Monday blues go away! It is best to turn it on while you are outside. What is the difference between adaptive recording and once per second recording? Adaptive recording records while moving at 1 - 15 second intervals depending on how constant direction and speed are.

This helps to save battery and maximize storage space. Once per second recording forces the device to record at once per second, so you'd record more data points but run down the battery faster and use more recording space.

Where do I find my saved routes in the Ally 2 App? Y10 only. First, go to the Navigation tab on the bottom menu bar on the App. Then, select the menu in the upper left corner. You can then select from the saved routes you've created or uploaded in GPS Root. LED Lights. If you are planning on doing high speed or trail night riding, we recommend the Performance line of lights. Our Hybrid line has innovative solutions for riders who want an all in one package. For more help in your selection, please refer to our buyers guide here.

What's the difference between the lights? We put our lights into different categories based on the type of riding you're doing.

Performance lights suggests fast night riding on the road or trail, while Sport lights are lower in lumens, but still provide the ability to see at lower speeds and to be seen.

While it is not necessary, it is best to use the Lezyne charging cable provided with your light. We have optimized our lights to charge in a very particular environment, so using a non-Lezyne USB cable could damage the light and will void your warranty. Can I use an external battery charger to charge my extra batteries? These batteries can be completely removed and installed on a wall charger for charging. Lezyne sells an "International Charging Kit" to work in a number of electrical situations.

What is the best range of temperature to use my Lezyne LED in? The best operating temperatures are between degrees Fahrenheit 1. Can I use my lights when it is really cold?

If you are riding in temperatures below freezing, turn on your light in diététique tension quotes house to let it warm up before going out riding. Using Lezyne Performance Lights as a handheld flashlight is not recommended. When you are using it as a handheld flashlight, you are moving at a much slower speed than you would be if you were riding and are not providing much airflow to keep the LEDs at reasonable temperatures.

Without the needed airflow, the light will automatically switch to the lowest output and may even shut off if it over heats. Our sport line does not need as much airflow, so you can use these as a handheld flashlight. When the light is turned off, hold the power button for five seconds the light will turn on and flash once indicating that the light has switched modes.

Once in Race Mode you will have two modes the highest lumen output and the lowest lumen output.

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The light will stay in Race Mode even after turning the light on and off. To return to the normal settings and to get all modes, including flash mode, turn the light off, then hold the power button down for five seconds till the light turns on and flashes. What size batteries are used in older Y4-Y8 Lezyne lights?

The Femto Drive front and rear uses CR batteries. All Lezyne batteries are available separately. The Y9 and later model lights do not have replaceable batteries. How long does it take to fully charge my light? Charge time is dependent on what light you own, what type of USB charging port you use, and whether or not your light supports 1 amp or 2 amp charging. You can find this information under the "Spec" tab on the product page of the light.

What is the life of a lithium ion battery? How many cycles will it take?

4 rides shut off

While this is a common question, there is no common answer. Generally, the battery will last between and charge cycles. There are a variety of factors that can play into the life of a lithium ion battery. For example, it depends on how often the light is used, how often the battery is charged and recharged, if it's charged off of a half full cycle or not, what temperatures the light is run in usually, and any other hundreds of cofactors.

In attempt to generalize these factors, we estimate cycles until the battery reaches half capacity. Will the battery get a "memory" if I recharge it too soon? No this is a problem with NiCd rechargeable batteries. All of our batteries are lithium ion and do not have this issue. Do you have to run the battery down until it is dead before recharging? You should try and run the battery from fully charged to fully discharged with every cycle in order to ensure longer battery life. Why should I use Lezyne branded batteries?

Lezyne batteries should be used with Lezyne lights for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we source our own batteries. This ensures higher quality pieces in every LED and battery that run and last as claimed numerous battery manufacturers greatly skew their battery runtimes, voltages, etc.

We also build and test all our lights to work as an all-inclusive package where each part of the product is specifically designed to work with another part of the product. Changing parts can and will throw off the performance of our LEDs.

How do you test your LED lights? We test all of our lights using a lab calibrated integrating sphere, which measures visible light. While some brands may claim their lumen output, ours is actually tested and confirmed. What is an integrating sphere? An integrating sphere is an instrument with a highly reflective interior that reflects the light into a port to measure the lumen output of your light. The port connects to a fiber optic cable which connects to a sensor to measure the lumen output.

The sphere measures all of your light output rather than a lux meter that measures a certain point of the light, giving a more consistent and honest reading. You can also measure the lumen output overtime to see if the light has a constant lumen output or if it dims overtime.

Floor Pumps. It is a thread on style chuck that is designed with ABS button Air Bleed System that prevents the removal of valve cores. Our Speed Chuck is an accessory to the Flip Thread Chuck so you regime alimentaire anti mycose anale use our pumps with valve extenders.

It converts the Presta valve side of the Flip Thread Chuck to a press on style chuck that does not require you to thread on. What is the difference between the speed chuck and the slip chuck? The difference between the Speed Chuck and the Slip Chuck is material. The biggest difference is that our Slip Chuck is designed to be rebuilt and it comes with six replaceable O-rings.

Yes, extra O-rings can be purchased separately. Our Slip Chuck comes with 6 replacement O-rings. These O-rings will keep your Slip Chuck in working order for many cycles of use. Our Speed Chucks, which come standard with all Flip Chuck equipped pumps, do not come with replacement O-rings. Why do Lezyne pumps thread onto a valve? We designed our pumps with a thread-on connection in order to ensure a proper seal between our Flex-Hose and the valve stem. This is done to ensure an accurate pressure reading, proper tire inflation, and for ease-of-use.

It is also more reliable and durable with less parts to wear out. If you experience any issues please return to your original place of purchase and they will be able to assist you in getting the replacement parts you need.

Many issues are covered by warranty if you are still within your warranty period. Here are a couple of videos that we put out to help demonstrate how to repair your pump. This is designed to be able to dial your pressure in before removing your chuck.

When hooked up to a Presta valve with the desired PSI in your tire, pressing the ABS button will release the back pressure just within the pump system to relieve the pressure from the valve. This takes squat minceur 123 the back pressure off your valve. Pressing this button when hooked up to a Schrader valve will release the pressure within the tube, not within the pump. All of our chucks are backwards and forwards compatible, meaning older style chucks will work with the newer style pumps and newer chucks will work with an older pump.

My gauge is broken, can I replace it? Here is a video to help walk you through the repair. Do Lezyne floor pumps work with valve extenders? Both our floor pumps and hand pumps both work with most valve extenders. Valve extenders without valve cap threads are not compatible with our new ABS-2 head. You can purchase and replace the hose on your floor pump. It is a relatively easy fix that is recommended if your hose is what might be called, "beyond its years.

You can purchase a new one here or find a pro shop in your area:. Will Lezyne pumps work with removable valve cores? Yes - as with any part on your bicycle, make sure they are properly tight before riding or pumping. My Lezyne pump keeps removing my valve cores, how do I make it stop? Many inner tube manufactures do not sufficiently tighten valve cores upon assembly.

First check that your valve cores are properly tightened. Do not over tighten the pump onto the valve. This takes all the back pressure off your valve so when it comes time for unthreading, you do not remove your core. Do your pumps work with disc wheels? In conjunction with our Floor Pumps, the Slip Chuck utilizes a 90 degree bend in its design so that it can fit in disc wheels.

If you attempt to go over 60 PSI, you can blow your gauge off. Additionally, we now offer compressor-type floor pump for seating tubeless tires more efficiently:. What is the difference between HP and HV floor pumps? Road bike tires are thin, low volume, and require higher pressures anywhere between 90 and PSI. Our HP pumps are designed to make it easier to pump up road bike tires to those pressures by using smaller pump barrels.

Most mountain bike tires are wider and larger, requiring more volume to fill up these tires. We developed our HV pumps with bigger pump barrels to push more air into the tires, making inflation of mountain bike tires faster and easier.

Which floor pump can I use to inflate both my road and mountain bike tubes? If you had to choose one pump, we suggest going with one from the HP High Pressure lineup with a digital gauge. The HP will allow you to get to high pressures and the digital gauge will give you the low pressure accuracy for high volume applications. What is the difference between the floor pumps?

Most of the differences are in the materials and features. Generally, the higher end models are composed of all CNC aluminum or steel. Our Sport Floor models are composed of a composite matrix material for the base. Another main difference is High Pressure Road vs. High Volume Mountain. If you have any questions between models, please email Info lezyne. Also, you can see our buyers guide here. We do not have adaptors to fit any of our chucks to air compressors.

Our HV pumps are so effective in High Volume applications that they nearly eliminate the need for air compressors to seat tubeless tires completely. What type of lube do I use on my Lezyne pump? For floor pumps, you can use grease that is commonly used on other parts of your bicycle.

This is usually thick, petroleum based grease. Be sure not to over-grease the pump, it only needs enough to coat the surfaces, not so much that it makes the O-ring stuck on the piston. Do not get any grease into the one way valve at the bottom of the barrel, as it can cause the pump to leak air back through the perdre du ventre avec haltere when under pressure. For hand pumps, silicone grease is best, but thick petroleum based grease could be used as a substitute.

Same rules apply; don't over grease and don't get any grease in huile ricin cheveux frequence 3g one-way valve. Hand Pumps. What is the difference between HV and HP pumps? HV hand pumps refer to high volume pumps, while HP hand pumps refers to high pressure pumps.

The main difference between HP and HV and pumps is the barrel diameter. The HP hand pumps have a smaller barrel diameter that pushes less air volume than the HV pumps, but allows you to achieve a higher pressure. Typically you want a HP hand pump for high pressure tires ranging from 80psipsi. Typically, this refers to skinnier road tires, but some people have wider tires that require high pressure as well.

Our HV pumps work better on high volume tires that require lower pressures. For example, HV pumps would work best for fat bikes and mountain bike tires, ranging from psi. Generally, if you are riding a road bike or a commuter bike, you will likely want one of our HP High Pressure models. These pumps range from 0psipsi. If riding a mountain bike or a fat bike, you will want to look at any of our HV High Volume models.

These pumps range from 0psipsi and deliver a higher volume of air into the tire then our high pressure pumps. If you need more help choosing the right hand pump for you, feel free to email us at info lezyne. Will my HV pump work on my road bike? A HV High Volume pump will partially fill your road bike tire. However, the pump will not get to pressures necessary to properly fill your tire, and riding on an improperly inflated tire is not safe.

Will my HP pump work on my mountain bike? Yes, a HP High Pressure pump will certainly work on your mountain bike. However, it will push less volume in than a HV High Volume pump and will take longer to properly fill the tire. Can the Pen Gauge work on all Lezyne hand pumps?

How many strokes does it take to inflate a tire? Due to the amount of variables, there is not a single answer to this question. There are so many different "standardized" tire sizes that it is hard for us to give a generalized statement for all our pumps.

The quality and design of our pumps make pumping easy, no matter how many strokes it takes.

What is the difference between the Road Drive and Pressure Drive pumps? The main difference between the Road Drive and Pressure Drive hand pumps is the diameter of the barrels.

The Regime cohen hgtv online Drive barrel has a slightly smaller diameter which makes getting up to higher pressures a bit easier on the arms.

The Road Drive also has a full aluminum piston head, where the Pressure Drive has a carbon matrix piston head. It also should be noted that the Flex Hose that comes with the Road Drive is only compatible with Presta valves.

It is also important to note that the two pumps come with different mounts. While both pumps come with brackets for mounting to bottle cage bolts, only the Road Drive comes with an aluminum version. The pump bracket for the Road Drive is only designed to hold the barrel of the pump, so the pump also comes with a barrel sleeve to keep the pump closed when not in use.

The mount for the Pressure Drive is made from Composite Matrix and is designed to hold the handle and the barrel of the pump in place. The two pumps also differ in size offerings. Both the Road Drive and the Pressure Drive are made out of aluminum.

However, they differ in coloring offerings. The Road Drive is available in Black and Silver anodized colors. One side of it is designed for Presta valves and the other side is developed for Schrader valves. ABS Flex Hoses are available separately for purchase if you're looking to upgrade your older hand pump.

Do your hand pumps work on valve extenders? Lezyne hand pumps utilize a threaded connection in which the Flex Hose threads directly onto the valve. If your valve extenders have threaded tips which accept a standard plastic dust cap, then your Lezyne pump will work with your extenders.

If your valve extenders are smooth and do not have a threaded tip, there are 2 options which you can choose from: Purchase Lezyne Valve Extenders which have threaded tips compatible with Lezyne's threaded Flex Hose. You can purchase this upgrade directly through your local Lezyne retailer or directly though Lezyne USA if located within the United States.

What is the difference between the hand pumps? The major distinguisher between every hand pump in our line is materials used. Our Carbon Road Drive is made of a full carbon barrel, CNC end caps and internal parts for strength, weight, and durability. Our HP Drive has a barrel and shaft that are made up of Aluminum. The handle, end caps, and piston head are composed of Carbon Matrix. To decide on the best product for you, visit your local Lezyne retailer, contact us via email at info lezyne.

What is the difference between the three shock pumps? We offer two hand pump style Shock Drives. One is our new Digital Shock Drive, with a built in digital gauge on the side of the barrel, and the other is the Shock Drive, with a traditional analogue gauge.

Our hand models are designed for the trail and easily hide away in a pack. The third model we offer is our Shock Digital Drive. This pump is a full size floor pump and designed to be a "shop" tool or for at home use. Our Shock Digital Drive is built to outlast the everlasting abuse of bike mechanics.

It also comes equipped with a braided hose for durability and a two-step shock specific chuck that allows you to keep a sealed connection, leaving the perfect pressure when threading off. Here's a video to show you how it works. What is your lightest hand pump? Our lightest pump is the Small Carbon Road Drive, and it weighs in at 73g. What is your smallest hand pump? Our smallest hand pumps are the size Small hand pumps.

These pumps measure about 7. Therefore, we attach our pumps with a mount that uses water bottle cage bolts since almost all frames accept water bottle cages.