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You can take control of every step of the flight, from starting up, take off, flying, and landing. Best of all you can bring a friend for free! Don't forget your camera! Consulter notre site web. Ouvrir sur une plus grande carte. Ce site Web aide les visiteurs à entrer en contact avec les prestataires d'activités touristiques en Nouvelle-Zélande. He was personally sad to hear the plane would no longer be seen in New Zealand.

The Hurricane was the major drawcard for the Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow which was attended bypeople over three days. The Hurricane had been on the market for eight years, which Jonathan Wallis said was a reflection of the botox helsingborg erbjudande desire for the Hurricane to stay in New Zealand.

Skip to main content. Saturday, 16 February Comment now. Related Stories. Add a Comment Login or register to post comments. We're talking about the late"50s. Thank you to all the Typhoon crews for everything they did for us, we will remember you all through RB. Note: The picture shows Squadron Typhoon and Tempest together, a view not seen too often. And then the first speaker of the day was Louisa Hormann who works as an Archives Technician at the Museum.

Louisa makes a fascinating presentation based on her research into The Guinea Pig Club, whose members were burn victims that were being treated using pioneering plastic surgery techniques at the RAF Hospital at East Grinstead.

Louisa details the background of the surgical techniques and the club, and she talks about the New Zealand connections with all four of the main surgeons. She also gives some personal stories of New Zealanders who were members of the club.

Also discussed is how the work of the surgeons and the members of the Club are remembered today in the museum context. Today, September 15th, is Battle of Britain Day, marking 79 years since that pivotal conflict in the skies above England. In the Battle of Britain was mark Pilot briefing is at am in H2 upstairs Briefing room.

Local Pilots, if you want to fly in the flypast with Warbirds, plse register with Dave Brown and you must be at the am briefing. In celebration of this, we are featuring an item from our collection dedicated to the follically-challenged…. This was the case for balding air crew serving in the Pacific islands during World War Two.

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The hot temperatures of the Pacific theatre of operations saw developments in flying clothing. An example was the RNZAF tropical flying helmet, based on the leather New Zealand Type B helmet but made from khaki drill material with large cut outs to let the heat escape.

However, this design also let the sun in — not ideal for bare heads that could be terribly sunburnt. The answer to this problem was the production of a skull cap made from khaki drill, which could be stitched inside the top of the helmet, thus preventing sunburn.

It won Oshkosh grand champion in They claim the restoration took over 40, man hours to complete. Passez à.