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What you eat can have a knock-on effect on the shininess of your locks - and if you pack your diet with the right superfoods, you will see a difference in the growth and healthiness of your hair. According to Ms Carige, some of the top foods you need to think about when it comes to happy hair are oily fish - she said there's nothing better than sardines on toast stock image.

According to Ms Carige, some of the top foods you need to think about when it comes to happy, healthy hair are the various oily fish:. Fellow expert, Nicole Prasad, also said that protein is vital for thick, lustrous hair. Because hair is primarily built of protein, you need to make sure you're eating plenty of protein-rich foods. Not only this, but it has also been shown to increase hair thickness by up to 49 per cent in some cases. Last but not least, other experts swear by iron to improve your hair's condition.

Non-heme iron is present in plant foods such as green leafy vegetables, but is less available for absorption due to phytate content. Vitamin C rich foods can aid the absorption of non-heme iron. Want super shiny hair? Why you should be eating sardines on toast for the glossiest of locks What you eat can have a knock-on effect on the shininess of your hair FEMAIL spoke to the Australian dietitian, Peta Carige, to find out what to eat According to the expert, sardines on toast are a fantastic option for your locks Protein is also good for your hair, as is iron and a daily dose of marine collagen By Sophie Haslett For Daily Mail Australia Published: GMT, 30 October Updated: GMT, 7 November e-mail 33 shares.

Share this article Share. Beauty from within. Did you know that poor oral hygiene is linked to many diseases in various parts of the body. Recent studies indicate that it is not just the teeth, gums and associated structures affected by bad oral health but the whole body. Frequently monitoring your oral health by visiting your dentist regularly also helps you stay on top of your general health and well being!

From helping to achieve a more youthful appearance to treating teeth grinding and gummy smile issueswe are here to help! Contact our office at to book a consultation with us or you can book online via this link. Dietary habits play a great role not only in an individual's oral health but also in the overall health. Read how little changes in your diet can make a great difference to your oral health! Thank you Elena Cardone for your lovely words!!

A pleasure to have you at Quay dental today and We will certainly see you live on stage one day. Truly inspiring! Success resources. What this means for our patients? Undergoing accreditation is voluntary but when you choose an accredited practice, you can be sure that you are receiving highest quality of dental care which adheres to strict national and state wide safety protocols.

We are pleased to have the prestigious QIP accreditation and our dental practitioners continue to strive for providing the highest quality and cost effective care to our patients. Awesome news for our Medibank patients. We fill you in on our top tips. At Quay Dental we value team culture. Taking care of our team to make sure we take the best care of all our patients! What an exciting opening ceremony!

At Quay Dental, our team of expert dentists endeavors to give each and every one of our patients a positive, comfortable, and relaxed experience. We are excited to announce that we are now offering Facial Injectables Botox and Dermal fillers as well as using latest technology intra oral scanners for taking impressions. Aller vers.