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Efficacy of a multiple diode laser system for body contouring. Lasers Surg Med. PMID: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of LLLT independent of liposuction.

This clinical t […]. Articles relatifs. Plus de détails. It feels better to be slimmer than before and it is totally worth the money. I'll register the gym next week and build up my thighs skin elasticit … y more!!! Before surgery, I was very nervous. I did not also remember when everything was done. After 1 hour I could move by myself, I left the clinic alone and took a bus to go home.

Two days after surgery was hard for me. I had swelling as well as bruising, but after that everything was going better.

Actually, I was feeling uncomfortable more than h … aving pain. Especially, a compression garment made me discomfort. Bruising subsided differently in my arms. My one arm had more bruising compared to another side. Therefore I was worried about it. But by time bruising on my both arms subsided slowly.

I went to the clinic for aftercare services for few times.


They provided aftercare service for reducing swelling and bruising. Now I can feel changes. My arms size are about 3cm shorter, my abdomen size reduced 5cm.

But I think I should wait a little bit for the final result for my abdomen. I think this was a difficult part after liposuction surgery but the result is rewardable and I would recommend it. I had a great and welcoming experience with Laprin.

They provided me with a personal English translator who was present through the entire experience to help explain everything in detail and ease my nerves. The staff were very friendly and their facilities are clean and modern near Cheongdam station. During my recovery time, Laprin messaged me regul … arly to check how I was feeling, make sure that I was staying hydrated and answer any questions or concerns I had.

I went back for one check-up where they thoroughly examined the procedure site and confirmed that everything was looking as it should. It has now been a few months since my procedure, any swelling is gone, I have zero scarring and my face shape has changed so much! The genetic double chin I have been insecure about for my whole life is gone, as well as the chubby cheeks that would not go away no matter how much I exercised. My jawline is much sharper and my face now matches my body, instead of making me look chubbier than I am.

I have recommended them to my friends visiting Korea who are interested in cosmetic treatments. Power V Lifting is performed using 3 step SafeLipo technique and skilled medical staff, so it is easy to return to daily life with less pain, swelling, and bruises after surgery and eliminates excess fat in the face.

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I am satisfied because I'm losing a lot of fat on my thighs day after day. Recovery time was very short, bruising, and the swelling subsided after one or two weeks. After experiencing thighs lipo surgery, now actually I want to do my arms too. I am already very satisfied with this result. They used IV sedation anesthesia for surgery when I woke up everything already was done.

After the operation, I rested in the clinic for 1 hour and went back to my daily life. They kept following up with me and gave the air compression treatment unlimited until I left Korea. It helped reduce swelling and bruising. I was wearing a compression garment for 24 hours in the first week of surgery. After one week I started to wear just for 12 hours in a day. I felt safe with all the systems of the hospital. When I had surgery, I was nervous a bit but I trusted the surgeon and nurse.