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Among the two Nordic teams and one alpine team there is a mixture of abilities from complete novices to more advanced skiers. After a week of training, slightly hampered yesterday by heavy snow, time trials were done for the Nordic teams.

The novices did a 5km race and all the other … s a 10km race. The Army's Military Working Dogs have a diverse life, this week they have been supporting 3 Medical Regiment, who have been carrying out a readiness confirmatory exercise on the Catterick Garrison training area.

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We've just hit likes! Thank you for following the Regiment and everything we've done this last 9 months. He spent the day seeing urban care under fire, a Medical Outreach Team giving care to IDPs and finally some trauma which was evacuated by 29 Squadron back to the Medical Reception Station.

Our partnership with 1 MWD Regt was of particular interest as it saw two branches of the Army Medical Services working in tandem to deliver mutually beneficial training. Aller vers.

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Lots of great opportunities to travel to some interesting and varied places. These are declining nowadays though due to the need to save money and cost cut.

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As a result the need to do more with less is becoming a more and more depressing reality which is a driving reason to why I am leaving. Exciting and challenging.

Team spirit Physically challenging Travelling around the world.

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Fun and rewarding life style. The British army has many pros and cons as does every other work place. After weighing up the pros and cons i decided that it was time to pursue a new and exciting career in an industry which interests me. A typical day at work would be physical training first at hrs back to work at hrs were we would get our jobs for day should it be store checks,or training to keep us updated, fresh and current on the equipment we use or preparation for a forth coming task or exercise.

The management can change fairly regularly due to people getting promoted or moved on to different location. I learnt various skills that helped me adapt in numerous environments. Wage and accounts at various locations. I learnt that much of Army life is tedious with 'interesting' periods as and when they occurred. When times were difficult it was the military structure and team spirit that provided motivation to keep going.

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The hardest part of the job: Firstly, when the daily work was the same each day. Secondly, when required to work very long hours to complete a group task in time, sometimes 18 hour days for 7 days a week. The most enjoyable was when assigned tasks that took me out of the office environment, i.

Great Experience. Although the Army wasn't for me i would never say a bad word about the training and management, the Army was perfect for straightening me out and the pride that the trainers take in their jobs is second to non. The work days were long and sometimes difficult probably around 15 hour days but there were never two days the same.