17th regiment of foot leicestershire

You may even recognise some famous faces and names treading the boards in the City before they became big stars If you'd like to explore our theatre collections please contact us on record.

Here's a lovely summery photo to make up for the grim weather outside! The photographer is standing on the bank of a waterway likely a canal or a riverlooking towards a tall building and its neighbouring greenery. The bank is lined by mature trees, and in the distance is either a bridge or a bend in the waterway. Can anyone help us identify where this photograph was taken?

Please comment below if you have any ideas! Today's Village Portrait is on Gaddesby, dated On this day in panic gripped the Highfields area of Leicester- Jack the Ripper had been spotted in the city! Well, not exactly. A man visited the Highfields Hotel on Bartholomew St, and partially due to his suspicious moustache seriously the staff suspected that he may have been Jack the Ripper, who at this point in time had just murdered his 5th victim.

The rumour very quickly spread, and at first the man thought the situation was quite amusing…until a large and exc … itable crowd gathered around the hotel looking for him! He quickly retreated to the police station and was taken pupa pantaloni cellulite custody for his own protection.

Who was this seemingly uncatchable killer- and could he strike in your hometown next? From our archives is an article from the Leicester Chronicle, dated 17th Novemberdescribing the incident. At the Record Office we have over years of Leicestershire and Rutland newspapers digitised and ready to read, so why not have a browse and see what interesting finds you can discover?

BeingHuman19 LoveLadybird. Today's rather crinkly Village Portrait is on Newbold Verdon, dated Featuring a personal railway and the local schoolchildren being real stars. The reporter seems to have a chip on his shoulder about the architecture, but at least he's full of praise for its inhabitants :.

Happy Bonfire Night everyone! In what seems to be becoming a yearly tradition for us, here's another historical angry letter to the editor complaining about kids and fireworks. No matter how much time passes some things never change Today's photograph is helpfully labelled as 'Ornate school building and chapel'. It's a particularly grand building, dwarfing the church next to it. Could the small windows on the top floor indicate that it's a boarding school, perhaps?

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Plus tard. Publications des visiteurs. Hello everyone, I shall be giving a free talk on the early history … of cycling in Leicester and Leicestershire on Thursday September 26th as part of the Green Bicycle Centenary project.

Afficher la suite. Jo Vigor Mungovin. Hope we are allowed to post this on here. The 15th, or the King's Hussars. The 16th, or the Queen's Lancers. The 17th Light Dragoons, Lancers: to The 1st, or Royal Regiment of Foot, an account of its origin in the Reign of. James VL of Scotland, and uf its subsequent services to The 2nd, or Queen's Regiment of Foot to The 4th, or King's Own Regiment of Foot to The 6th Regiment of Foot, or Northumberland Fusiliers.

The 6th, or Royal 1st Warwickshire Regimemt of Foot toi The 7th Regiment or the Royal Fusiliers. The 8th, or The King's Regiment of Foot. The 10th. Loudon, The 14th, or The Buckinghamshire Regiment of Foot. The 16th, or The Bedfordshire Regiment of Foot to The 17th, or The Leicestershire Regiment of Foot. The 22nd, or The Cheshire Regiment of Foot. The 23rd, or The Royal Welsh Fusiliers. The 81st, or The Huntingdonshire Regiment of Foot, toto which is appended, an account of the services of the Marine Corps from to : the 30th, Slst, and 32nd, Regiment?

Catalogue of the Library of Parliament: General library

The 34th, or The Cumberland Regiment of Foot. The 36th, or The Herefordshire Regiment. The 39th, or The Dorsetshire Regiment of Foot. The 42nd, or The Royal Highland Regiment of Foot: containing an account of the Formation of six Companies of Highlanders in ; which were Regimented inand of their subsequent services to London, London The 53rd, or The Shropshire Regiment of Foot.

The 70th, or The Surrey Regiment of Foot to The 71st Regiment,—Highland Light Infantry. London, ' The 73rd Regiment, from the period of its being raised as the second Battalion of the 42nd Highlanders, to The 74th Regiment, Highlanders. The 87th, or The Royal Irish Fusiliers. The 88th Regiment of Foot, or Connaught Rangers. The 92ud Regiment, originally named, " The Gordon Highlanders" ko. Wellington, Duke of. John Gurwood. The Victories of "Wellington and the British Armies.

Bohn's Ulustr. Field Officers of the Indian Army ; with Biographical notices. Johns, Major, and Nicolas, Lieut. The Calendar of Victory: being a. Record of British valour and conquest by Sea and Land, on every.

Martin, E.

17th regiment of foot leicestershire

The British Colonies; their History, eitent, condition, and. London, — British North America. Ritchie, Leitch. Histoire des Gaulois depuis les temps les plus recules jusqu'à la soumission entière de la Gaule à la domination romaine. Paris, S. Précis historique de la Gaule tous la domination romaine. Paris, Courson, A. Histoire des peuples bretons dans la Gaule et dans les Iles britanniques. Fontenu, l'Abbé. Dissertations sur quelques camp connus en France sous le nom ee Camps de César.

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