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He helado 0 calorias spoke about it and he never went back there. When Dad was in the war, my mum took up with another woman. Dad an…. Another sad passing of a wonderful Launcestonian. Sympathies to the extended Reeve family. Rest In Peace Margaret Edwards. Condolences to her loved ones.

There were six Pommy families and one Australian family. There were only 7 houses … there then. I was the right age to régime cétogène dangereux high school when we arrived in Tasmania, but I flatly refused. I found out on the ship down here that you were permitted to leave school at the age of 14 in Tasmania, so I refused to go.

I got a job at Coles on the corner of Brisbane Street. Behind the lolly counter. I was in heaven. I ate that many black jelly beans. My mum was Cecelia and married my dad Harry Medley and they worked in the cotton mills in Lancashire. My mum used to sew all of the parachutes they used in the war. The war had started and the north of England was fairly safe.

We saw no repercussions of the war. I have a younger sister who still lives up in Devonport. But I was an only child for seven years until she came along and I was a bit resentful when she was born, laughs. I was the princess but that all changed. We came here to Tasmania as ten pound Poms inand sailed with the family who started James Nelson Weavers in Mowbray. They also brought out many other experienced weavers from England to work in their factory.

Dad worked there as a mechanic, but not for long as he went to Kelsall and Kemps and was there as a mechanic for the rest of his life.

Then I became a call girl on the telephone exchange until the automated system was invented. Then I started at the LGH doing nursing. I worked and studied nursing all at the LGH for the next few years. See photo. Then I made a fool of myself and went and got pregnant.

I was a disgrace to nursing. It caused an uproar and the hospital said I can no longer sit for my final exam for nursing. Which devastated me as I had worked so hard and dearly wished to complete my exams. It is quite acceptable these days to have a baby without a husband, but back then, it was the worst thing a girl could do.

You were ostracized and gossiped about and your name dragged through the mud. Even though my parents were very angry and initially ashamed of me, my Dad went and spoke with the Nursing College.

He put his foot down and stuck up for me and I will never forget it. Margaret has worked very hard for you for 4 years, done all the extra shifts, has shown herself to be a wonderful nurse and studied a lot for this exam.

And they did. And I passed with flying colours, but due to my circumstances, I never went nursing again. My mother was very upset with me and then my sister also got pregnant out of wedlock too and that finished my mum, the poor love. She realized she was never going to have a daughter have the big fairytale wedding. She really wanted it, but she never got it, laughs. Poor mum. I eventually married Roy, the father of my first child and we went on to have four more children together.

It was a very low key affair. Almost hush hush. And the children gave us a lot of joy. See photo in top of comments. My husband Roy was from Stanley, and was a good husband for a while and we had some happy times, but when he was about 35, he found out his parents who raised him, were in fact his grandparents, and his sister was in fact, his mother.

It knocked him around and it caused him to have a nervous breakdown. He started to drink very heavily and his whole attitude to life and the kids and I, completely changed. He became a nasty drunk and it became unbearable. We split up. We were divorced after twelve years together. After our divorce, we rarely spoke to each other, until a few months before his death 18 years ago. I went to his house and finally told him what I thought of him.

He took it on board and was apologetic and we actually got on quite well in his last few months. The cloud had lifted I suppose you could say. We struggled as a family once I was on my own.

I was a single mother with five children living on a pension of five shillings a week. But we survived and the kids never went hungry and were always well dressed.

And they helped me a lot. They were very good like that. I did some knitting and sewing for a few extra bob and my parents lived just up the street and I suppose I can say that without them, it would have been a lot more difficult.

My kids have all grown into the most fantastic and kind hearted people and I am so proud of them and my beautiful grandkids. My family mean the absolute world to me. See family photo in top of comments. I had a few falls and hurt myself a few times, and living alone just got too hard. I have some lovely friends and I enjoy my older years immensely. Happy 90th Birthday to this lovely lady. Edith is one funny woman. Read this. We were living in a caravan whilst Dad worked on the west coast.

He came home one day and told Mum to pack a bag for him because he was leaving her. So, he shot through when my Mum was pregnant with my sister Lisa. Rest In Peace Reg Flaherty. Reg passed away on 25th May aged Spending some time with Reg was an honour.

Condolences to his family and friends. Read his story below. So I turn 89 tomorrow. I feel about forty year … s old upstairs, but my legs are a bit stuffed now so I can't walk without this effin' wheeler". If there was any there, I'd have to skin them too. My family lived in Cressy until I was 13 and it was a bloody good place for a kid. Lots of space and not many ratbags. My mum Linda had two jersey cows and so we used to get free milk and mum used to make her own butter and cream.

You'd never starve if you regime alimentaire pour maladie de gilbert your own cow".

Oh yes, Cressy, great place, then we moved to a little place called Herrick at the end of the railway line up on the north east coast in between Derby and Gladstone.

I had a brother Jack Flaherty, he passed away a few years ago. He was five years older than me and was in the navy for about six years during WWII. He was a great soldier apparently. Very well known. My sister Nancy is five years younger than me, and she is still alive and lives out at Riverside.

They came down from Sydney to build the dredge in the lagoon out there to mine for tin and gold. They would put a wire sling in the paddock and pull the dredge forward on that and it would fill the lagoon up behind them as they went. There was three buckets with sand, stones and rocks coming out the back. Then the contents would be taken up to the tin shed, it'd go over what they called a quicksilver, and that used to catch the gold.

Then the manager and I would retort that, over a grate, then we'd put it in the blacksmiths oven and the quicksilver would run out of it and leave the gold inside it. I worked in the stores there also, handing out work gear and equipment. Not a bad job. I started playing badminton at Herrick and also played at Derby and Winneleah and I became quite good. The Australian title holder was a Launceston man named Don Murray and he was undefeated. So when I moved to Launny, he heard I had a bit of talent and he took me under his wing and coached me at the Showgrounds for a few hours a week.

It was and my life in Launceston became a bit busier than it was in Herrick. I won the B'grade singles and mixed doubles and then the A'grade handicap men's doubles earning a spot representing Tasmania at the All Australian championships in Melbourne in I won the A Grade men's singles in and got into the Tasmanian Championships and guess who I was up against?

Don Murray. And I couldn't beat him. He was the best. Nobody beat him. Immigrants who had come here after the war would come in and send food to their loved ones in their homeland and it was our job to pack it and send it.

It was an interesting job and I met so many people from different cultures. It was next to where the Telstra shop is now and just down a bit in the lane way was the horse and cart stables and every Saturday the laneway was full of renforcer cheveux epais ondulés. Then we moved back to Derby cos' my old man John bought the pub there.

We weren't there for long at all cos' it burnt to the ground. It was three story's high out the back and the milk bar next door caught fire and the pub didn't stand a chance. It all went up in smoke. We lost everything we ever owned. Photos, furniture, everything. My dad did his dough in that fire cos' he was under insured. Stuffed him right up actually.

So after the fire, we all headed back to Launceston and into a place on Forster Street in Invermay and I got a job at NewSteel Furniture, bending steel legs for furniture, ready to be chromed.

Was there about four years I reckon then I was carting wheat from the wharf to Monds and Afflecks then would deliver the flour to the local Bake houses. Stacking sacks of flour all day got me as fit as any bloke you knew.

I was a very fit machine I can tell you. My fathers' health was pretty bad due to his WWI injuries. The war fixed him right up. He was shot in the stomach and got gassed so he was never really a prize specimen health wise, and after the fire he retired onto the TPI pension and died in My younger sister Nancy worked at the Waverley Woollen Mills and she invited one of her good workmates to her wedding.

I was very pleased when she agreed to dance with me. I was even more pleased when she agreed to marry me. Which we did in the autumn of at St Finn Barrs Church. She was one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. Heart of gold. See wedding photos in top of comments section.

The year before our wedding the Badminton championships were in W. A but because I was due to be married, I couldn't afford to go. I wanted to very much, but our wedding took priority. Funnily enough, I never played badminton again. Good kids usually turn into good adults and that's what happened. I love my kids very much. Had a company car and good bonuses and all that. Anyway, by then my son Craig had done his apprenticeship in the building trade and he said to me that he had the know how and I had the money, so let's get together and yeah, that's what we did.

Highly recommend! Great spot to visit the Gorge. Lovely room with modern ensuite. Very comfy bed and a warm welcome. Great spot. The accommodation was everything we needed and Jillian was very accommodating. The place felt spacious and comfortable and Jillian made us feel very welcome. I would definitely recommend to others and would stay again myself. Unbeatable value for money!

We had a lovely stay at Jillians lovely modern house. Jillian made us very welcome and was very friendly All essentials where top quality. Jillian was waiting for us with a nice warm house after our travels out in the Tasmanian weather driving up from Hobart after flying in from Qld.

Her home is lovely and and our lovely room with an ensuite was perfect and private. Jillian gave us some great advice for planning our sight seeing trip around Launceston. I strongly recommend Jillian's house to anyone. It is close to everything and just a short walk to go to The Cateract Gorge which is a definite must. The peacocks certainly put on a show for us and the abbsailing was intersting to watch. The cafes are great for lunch and the swinging bridge and chairlift are a must. We visited some little towns recommended by Jillian and weren't disappointed.

Charmaine was very helpful and we enjoyed our stay. We had a car so the accomodation gave us good access to places of interest in Launceston. We stayed at Charmaine's place for three nights. The room was great and the guests she has two rooms available so there can be more guests have a whole floor and bathroom to themselves, including a fridge, microwave and cooker. The only thing you have to go upstairs for is if you want to use the kitchen to cook your meal.

Everything was clean and comfortable. We also loved the two cats walking around! Charmaine was really friendly and helpful and gave us good tips and information, and even brought us into contact with a backpacker girl she met so we could share a ride to Cradle Mountain! The only thing we would advise her to change is to mention on her Airbnb profile that guests cannot use her laundry machine.

There is a laundromat nearby so it is possible to do your laundry, but for some people like us one of the reasons to choose Airbnb over hostels is the availability of a free laundry machine close to the room. The reason why she doesn't want guests to use it anymore is understandable one guest broke it but we would have preferred to know this before booking - then we would have done our laundry at our previous accommodation.

Charmaine was very welcoming. We enjoyed conversing with her. Her place is very comfortable, convenient and private. Woolworth is just across the road. Charmaine made us feel at home immediately. Despite her busy schedule, she took time to point us in the right direction for things to do and see in Launceston.

We really appreciated her kindness and thoughtfulness. I had a very positive experience staying with Verina. As an overall I appreciate all the tips she has shared with me during my stay there! Charmaine is very welcoming and we felt at home. On our first day, she invited us to have dinner together and we met another solo traveller, Lucky.

It was a great evening and we had a good chat with one another. For the next two evenings, we cooked together and chatted a lot. It was so relaxing for us and I felt like I was with my family.

I must say it was so good to stay with Charmaine. Great thanks to Charmaine and Lucky for making our holiday awesome and we will reunite soon. Stylishly decorated room which has everything we need.

Love that there is snacks and instant beverages. Check-in was fuss-free as Julie was proactive in her communication with us. So wonderful! I think if i come here in the future.

Julie is a very nice person. The house is so beautiful and clean. Julie's "Garden View Room" room and ensuite is clean and cosy. We find it relaxing looking out into her garden while having breakfast with birds visiting the bird bath. She is very generous with the breakfast offerings, and we especially like the thoughtful gestures that made us feel welcome a welcome note, delicious port wine, chocolates and comfort food for peckish moments. Thanks Julie and Derick for your hospitality.

Two of the nicest hosts we have had. They go the extra mile to make you feel like royalty! The room is cozy, we enjoyed sitting looking out at the lovely garden enjoying a port and chocolate. It is very quiet, you will have a great nights sleep. The breakfast selection is excellent, everything has been thought of.

It's a pleasant area of launceston, and you can walk to the shops, or park right outside the room if you are travelling by car. If you are lucky you may get to see gloria the cat. We definitely recommend this place, and we will be coming back. Julie was quick and easy to communicate, providing all the necessary information before and during stay. The place is immaculately clean and full of little personal touches that makes it very pretty and unique.

From different types of snacks to DVDs and games that Julie provided, it was a great experience to have after a long day of busy activities Room has a lovely garden to look at or enjoy a cuppa while surrounded by greenery and birds.

Budget friendly and close to all city amenities. Would stay here again and recommend to others. Appartement très calme et bien équipé. Une propreté parfaite! De nombreuses choses proposées pour le petit déjeuner. Nous recommandons sans hésitation. Spotless, Fantastic bed, large space, Netflix and free WiFi. Thoughtful touches throughout.

A Must Stay whilst in Launceston. We will stay again. Comfortable, clean, warm and more spacious than the pics. Easy check in process. Great value for money. What a beautiful apartment, Debbie and Steve were incredibly friendly and very thoughtful.

The apartment had everything you could need and more. During our honeymoon we stayed at 5 different locations in Australia and this was easily our favourite Second only to a beautiful Darling Harbour view from a hotel room.

Felt very homey at a great location, highly recommened. Check in was extremely easy. The place was nice, clean and had everything you would expect from a good stay. Agréable acceuil dès notre arrivée, logement très propre, confortable, bien équipé et Wifi performant.

Lovely place to spend the night and plan the rest of the trip in Tasmania. The place was very close to the city centre which is bursting with so much interesting and fun activities. It is also the gateway to small towns and spots that are truly unique to Tasmania. It was a relaxing 2. Very clean room, toilet and bath.

We appreciate the heater to make us toasty against the cold weather. Overall, I would highly recommend the place as it is perfect for families and couples ready to explore another great Tassie city. The room is clean, comfortable and it comes with a reasonable price.

I and my friends really enjoyed the stay. The shower is very good and relaxing. A definitely recommended place to stay in Launceston. Abi's place was very clean and cosy. It was in a great location.

Only 5 mins away to the CBD. Would highly recommend Abi's place to anyone looking to accommodate up to 4 guests. Beautiful clean, quite location, well equipped studio off street parking available, handy location. It was a very brief stay literally from 9pm-7am but Nina was very welcoming and her quick responses were much appreciated. She gave us fantastic dining recommendations and on arrival was lovely. Her big sheep dog is so beautiful. The house has a lot of character.

Will stay again. Nina is a beautiful, thoughtful lady, and you wont be disappointed with your stay.

Very good value for money, and great location. Feels like your home away from home!!! Nina is a fantastic host, was my best stay so far, she is a lovely host with great knowledge of the food scene and some great hot spots to go to, and has a beautiful dog magnus, will definitely be booking again next time Iam in town. Super comfy bed and room with a lovely view.

Thanks for the late check in. Great conversation and a wealth of knowledge about places to eat out. I was glad to take a bucket of lemons home with me. Thanks Nina! Ce logement est tout simplement exquis! Tout est aménagé de façon bh recettes regimes politiques. Il y avait même des fleurs fraîches sur la table.

Le gros bonus: vous voyez Cataract Gorge de votre palier! De plus, un stationnement est disponible sur place ce qui évite les stationnements sur la rue. Car les wallabies le feraient déclencher trop aisément! Je recommande ce logement à tous ceux qui passe par Launceston.

Merci Gena pour ton hospitalité! Lovely, clean little place. Perfect for a couple that are staying to enjoy Launceston for a short period of time. Be prepared for a very steep climb to the house but once there it was great. Extremely close to Cataract Gorge and the fresh eggs were a treat. Met Chloe the resident cat and was completely smitten. Has everything needed including kitchenwares and a washing machine. Gena's place is conveniently located close to the city. Great stay.

Although I didn't see Gena much, when I spoke with her she was very accommodating and willing to help. Her place is in a lovely location and the space is really nice, I would love to go back again. Gena is a great host and we felt this property was exceptional value for money. It has everything you need for a short stay in Launceston. Gena maintains this accommodation to a high standard of cleanliness. We really recommend making the effort to get to the Cataract Gorge cafe for breakfast, which is a short walk away.

It's worth booking this accommodation for this reason alone. As other people have commented, the location is very peaceful. This is an excellently appointed, clean and convenient apartment which represents great value for money.

The owner, Gena, has thought of everything to make your stay a comfortable one with everything from fresh eggs to little things like a torch, butter, vegemite, jam and even male and female body washes.

Fantastic place. Spotlessly clean and some lovely extra touches of eggs and bread etc. Very handy to the Gorge. Highly recommended. Nous sommes désolés, mais certaines parties du site web Airbnb ne fonctionnent pas correctement sans l'activation de JavaScript. Trouver des logements à Summerhill sur Airbnb.

Découvrez des logements entiers et des chambres privées, parfaitement adaptés à tout type de voyage. Locations de vacances à Summerhill. Hébergements dans Summerhill. This private shed has been transformed into a luxury apartment only a short drive to Launceston city and attractions. Brand new modern kitchen and bathroom with everything you need to make your stay an enjoyable one.

By the end of your trip, the wood heater and the honey-coloured leather couch will feel like an old friend. The space Modern, relaxing open space located in a quiet, safe suburb of Launceston. Nearest Woolworths and IGA supermarkets are approx 4 min drive. Four poster king size bed with electric blankets! Netflix and Wifi included. Modern, clean bathroom with walk in shower, toilet and double sink vanity.

Highchair and portacot available on request. We provide plenty of off street parking. Country Club Casino is close by. The Evandale market is on every Sunday with local vendors selling a variety of wares and produce. It's just past the airport and is also worth a visit! We are 15min drive from Launceston Airport. If you would like to alter check-in or check-out times, just ask and we will try our best to accommodate. Quiet neighbourhood. Close to the city but far enough to be out of the hustle and bustle.

There are neighbours on both sides, so please be considerate of this. Great place Jane TZ Such a beautiful, luxurious space with everything you need for a very comfortable stay!! Britney TZ So luxurious! Has everything you need and more than you could think of! Absolute hidden gem, peaceful and private. Nathan TZ The location of the accommodation was perfect with just a short drive to city central. Izaboa TZ Highly recommend booking here for a longer stay and if you have access to a car.

Bridget TZ Such a beautiful place! Tia TZ. Colonial style house - elegant, Comfortable, Easy going. Scott TZ Keith is a great host and socializes very well with his guests.

I like to live here. Yuetong TZ Thank you Keith. Kristy TZ Keith is a wonderful host and his place is very comfortable. Tanya TZ a touch of the old world with modern conveniences. Anna TZ. Delightful house, Convenient to all amenities. Budget priced double-bed room in a friendly suburban home. Ingredients for a light breakfast.

Profile pic showing your face required. The quiet, comfortable Airbnb guest room in my vibrant, busy and unique Peel Street West Launceston family home offers you an economical alternative to being in a backpacker hostel or camping. We are actually cheaper than a tent site at the local caravan park!!

Please DON'T book to stay here if you will find this unacceptable, as I care about my guests, and need to know that their expectations will be met. My many belongings ARE in full view! We are NOT a hotel, you are staying in a room in MY home with no pretense of pristine luxury, and this is reflected in the affordable price I charge for the budget conscious traveller.

We are actually cheaper than a tent site at the local caravan park!!! My Airbnb listing is best suited for independent, easy going travelers who appreciate the quirks of my budget-priced, friendly and vibrant place, don't criticise my messy clutter, understand that they will be sharing facilities inc bathroom with other residents, and that this is a vibrant and busy family home.

As well as myself and my 30 year old son Ariela Chinese student Will also lives in my home so Mandarin Chinese as well as English is spoken. Sometimes there is a friend or Helpx helper also staying here! Like most Australian families, we have pets. Two cats, "Kilara" and "George", also live here, but they keep to themselves, and we have some chooks that just roam in the garden.

My kitchen is NOT part of the Airbnb listing. We are in a safe, quiet suburban neighborhood with off-street parking provided in a designated spot beside my house.

As we are on an 'internal block' behind the house facing the street, there is a long gravel driveway to access my property. Please drive slowly and carefully when you enter and leave my driveway, there is a bit of a 'dip' at the street end.

Children OK, if sharing your bed. Your room, which also has a separate door opening onto an outdoor verandah area, is bright, quiet, neat, tidy and clean. It is suitable for either a single person or a couple, as there is only one double bed in it, and no space to add another. The room has a heater, desk and chair, mirror, cupboards, bedside lights, and a comfortable double bed with an electric blanket and good bedding.

Tourist information, reading material, free book exchange, towels and toiletries are also supplied. I provide freshly laundered towels and bed linen, and your room is neat, clean and tidy.

If you accidentally make a mess in the bathroom or toilet, there are cleaning supplies provided for your use. When booking, please indicate that you, and the 2nd guest if there is oneHAVE read ALL my detailed description by writing "Yes, I read all your detailed description" or I will request you to do so before I accept your booking.

I like to know who is arriving to stay with us here! I don't charge you an extra cleaning fee or bond, to keep my prices low and affordable. There is no en-suite you will be SHARING the bathroom, toilet and other facilities with all of the other household residentsbut my Airbnb room is priced accordingly and I offer guests great value for money for the budget-conscious traveller who appreciates staying in a local family home, and the amenities I make available for them.

These include providing ingredients for a light des astuces naturelles pour maigrir w9, fruit, tea and coffee, toiletries, tourist information, reading material and a 'book exchange', as well as laundry facilities on request. You can come and go as you like, and have total privacy in your room, but this IS a vibrant and busy household with visitors visiting and people on the go at all hours All facilities are shared, including toilet, bathroom with shower and separate bathtub and laundry which has a modern washing machine and dryer, plus washing powder, for you to use, as well as an iron and ironing board.

PLEASE note that my exact location is pinned on the map with my listing, so before you book check this carefully, so there will be no need for YOU to make a mistake on 'location' and unfairly penalise me for this!! I get VERY upset when I find that guests give me a lower 'star rating' for 'Location' because they made a mistake when they chose to stay here, or didn't bother to find the exact address on the map and complain that we were 'hard to find' or that I didn't give you the correct address.

There is a large sign on a tree at my letterbox that the entrance is 'this driveway' and this is also written in Chinese at the bottom of the sign! There is a local bus service, and a bus stop just up the road, but we ARE in the suburbs, not in the city, so there are no shops or restaurants in my immediate neighborhood. I can usually arrange to collect you from central Launceston on request. There is a sign on a tree at the beginning of my long gravel driveway saying "91A Entrance This Driveway".

Call or message me if you need more directions. Please note, I am being extremely accurate about my location There is a long gravel driveway from the street to my home, which is located on an 'internal block' so is not visible from the street. There is a sign on a tree near my letterbox, saying ' Accueil très sympathique d Yvonne chambre confortable et spacieuse avec terrasse et jolie vue sur le paysage Pascal TZ Yvonne est vraiment adorable. Clarisse TZ I had a lovely stay at Yvonne's place.

Sanchia TZ She is really friendly, kind so nice person and we were helped by her a lot. Hiroyuki TZ Yvonne is a very nice lady. Marie TZ. Double bed room in a friendly West Launceston home. We only have one of our spare rooms listed on AirBnB.

If you need additional nights please contact us to check availability. We are offering a spacious bedroom with views of the garden. Very light and airy. Queen size bed. Hanging space and drawers are provided for your convenience. West Launceston is an inner suburb of Launceston. At the end of our street is the old Power House which is the start of the walk along the Cataract Gorge to the first basin where there is a cafe, picnic area, picturesque gardens, swimming pool and chair lift.

Close to all range of dining out experiences. Cataract Gorge is a must when staying in Launceston. City Park est has some lovely vegetation, a conservatory, old trees and macaque monkeys. Launceston is full of old sandstone buildings of which many are in very good condition. Penny Royal is a great way to spend some time and expend some energy.

Within a 60 kms drive, you can experience wonderful fruits, chocolate, cheeses, wine and boutique beers. Claire TZ Si vous passer dans le coin en voiture, arrêtez vous absolument chez Wendy et Dan. Cheers Isabelle TZ Accès pas évident Pierre Buy botox in mexico TZ Une belle maison tres agreable, avec un lit confortable, et surtout avec des hotes tres acceuillants!

Pony rides evandale market

Astrid TZ Great location close to the city and cataract gorge. Cool house Lindsay TZ Tidy, clean and quite house. Everything so amazing!!! Bill TZ. Tranquil living near Duck Reach -Cataract Gorge. Our recently refurbished space is in a prime location for travellers going by car or by foot.

Catch some rays on the patio of a morning and 'veg out' out in the chill out area in the afternoon. Our lounge space stays cool even on the hottest summer days. Soak in a hot bath after a long day of site seeing then get a peaceful nights rest in a very comfortable and clean bed. Everyone says this space has a very calming and relaxing atmosphere. You can soak in the bath and enjoy the gardens. Trevallyn is one of the nicest and best located suburbs in Launceston. Clara TZ The room is lovely with a great view and perfect location.

Aly TZ Great! Adam TZ Super private, relaxing and calm space in a fantastic location. Polina TZ is a lovely space, close to the cbd. Brand new compact studio in the heart of Launceston's CBD.

Within easy walking distance of shops, attractions and restaurants. Nightly, weekly and long term rates available. This is a great space for one person. This lovely studio is a part of our heritage listed building which sits in the picturesque grounds of our boutique hotel. Samuel TZ comfortable, cosy and great location Colin TZ great spot, great value for location and amenities. Matthew TZ Comfortable, small, close to everything and supported by a great Hotel. Noise was an issue Lucien TZ Great location and affordable accommodation in Launceston.

Blair TZ. Compact Studio in CBD. Quirkyclean, pet friendly, close to city, bus stop 2 minutes walk, city 25 mins walk, You will walk past the gorge and the marina to get into the city. Close to a park, walking and cycling tracks. Pleasant yard to sit, have coffee and enjoy the sunshine.

Not modern, however unique and quirky, clean, tidy and neat, everything which is required apart from clothes washing facilities. Tiny and quirky. Tout afficher. Aventure dans la nature sauvage de Tasmanie. Cataract Gorge twilight walking tour. Logements populaires. The shower is over bath, washing machine in the kitchen.

Small balcony, with views of lovely sunsets. Nice lounge room. Walking distance to the poolColes. Cheers Fiona. Kerri TZ A fabulous cosy retreat in Launceston, great open fires, spacious bedroom extremely comfortable bed! Shaun TZ Lovely apartment with lots of thoughtful touches such as milk in the ridge and cereal. Laura TZ Good location and easy access.

Matthew TZ Exactly as described-lovely thoughtful touches like a bottle of milk for making tea and coffee and Easter chocolates. Andrew TZ Lovely place to stay for a few days in Launceston, great value. Matt TZ. One bedroom flat. Conveniently located overlooking the City Park, the Commodore Regent Hotel offers spacious rooms, with ample off street parking, modern spacious bathrooms all within close walking distance to the Launceston CBD.

Guest Room is not serviced throughout the stay, but is stocked with toiletries. Each room is Approximately 32 m2 in size. The host canceled this reservation 2 days before arrival.

This is an automated posting. Luis TZ Excellent stay in a prime location. A great room for a great price! Great food at the restaurant and close. To town Brendan TZ. Commodore Regent Hotel. Studio apartment in a leafy garden. Great location close to the CBD, parks, cafes and supermarkets. This is a funky apartment for two people. There is a queen bed with a comfy mattressa kitchenette with an eating area and a bathroom.

The kitchenette includes a mini-fridge, microwave, kettle with tea and coffeetoaster and sandwich press. The apartment does not have a stove or oven, but it is fully equipped est il possible de maigrir des bras 35 cutlery and crockery so you can bring takeaway back.

Guests are also welcome to use the BBQ in the garden. We are located near the CBD in a lovely area of Launceston. It takes less than 15 minutes to get into the city centre on foot, and there is a beautiful park with a cafe and newsagency only metres away. Most nights a week there are food vans in the park, so I recommend wandering down to eat dinner on the grass! There is a small supermarket around the corner and multiple Coles supermarkets within a 2 minute drive.

The Launceston Aquatic and Lesiure Centre is a 5 minute walk away, so you can easily go there for a swim or to work out at the gym. Great location, everything you require in an AirBnB, thoughtfull touches and well appointed. Esther TZ Granny flat in the front yard exactly as described. Damian TZ I have stayed in many bnb's and can honestly say Rose's place is one of the best. Denise TZ Loved staying at this beautifully maintained studio!

Dominika TZ We had a great time staying at Rose's place. Ruth TZ. Studio Apartment in Great Location. This accommodation is a separate guest studio retreat on the opposite side of the outdoor entertaining area to the first level of the main house.

Please note, as a studio, there is not a separate bedroom. Bed, couch and kitchen are all in the one space with a separate bathroom. The location is ideal for easy access to the major highway as well as being a short drive to the centre of town. We have numerous bus routes which makes travel for those without a car much easier.

Additionally located a short walking distance away is the Olde Tudor - a small shopping complex with supermarket, bakery, pharmacy, dry cleaners, cafe's and a fruit and veggie market. All the essentials and more! We are also situated a short drive to the Gorge and Duck Reach walking tracks which is one of Launceston's iconic attractions. Whilst we are only a hop skip and jump from the main road the street itself is tucked away in a quiet and flat area.

There are a number of small parks closeby and a larger walk will see you at the footsteps of the Duck Reach historic power station and numerous walking tracks around the Gorge. There are also a number of maigrir sans régime zermati amazon ses cafe's in the area, all the essential shops and even a doctors surgery and two pharmacies to choose from. Would recommend Jess TZ Amazing.

There's a beautiful relaxing environment. Mary TZ Very enjoyable place to stay, clean, nice little touches, spacious shower and the privacy we received was great. Luke TZ A lovely apartment style room which has a double bed and pull-out sofa. Aleck TZ The studio is clean and wonderful. It includes everything we need. Really recommend! Kayla TZ Great accommodation Clean and tidy. Ahmed TZ Instructions were very clear on how to get there. Ashley TZ. Prospect Retreat -studio flat, garage, free wifi.

Pod Inn is the first Capsule hotel in Tasmania and is located in the heart of Launceston. Single - Front Entrance beds are the most basic capsule we have.

They are fitted with privacy blind, reading lights, Air conditioning, back lit mirror, Smoke detector, coat hangers. And also comfortable mattress, pillow and quilt. A locker space will be provided to each guest. Inside Dimension: Wcm Lcm. Catherine TZ Great location. Great deal. Very clean. Donovan TZ My second time at the Pod Inn, their customer service is excellent, and much appreciated.

Catherine TZ Great stay. Everything needed is supplied. Karalyn TZ Awesome! Scott TZ Good, easy place to stay. April TZ Great concept, very clean, love the pods. Alban TZ.

Type de logement Chambre d'hôtel Type de propriété Auberge de jeunesse Capacité d'accueil 1 Chambres Private self contained flat with minimal kitchenette facilities. The perfect location when you don't have a car. Amazingly cosy place short walk away from the city centre, perfect for couples P TZ The place is amazing. Really comfortable and private. Definitely would come again!

Flor TZ Nice, cosy 1 bedroom flat with everything we needed. Everything you need. Shaun TZ Great stay! Loved the apartment, Netflix was great, and the place was lovely and clean. Cosy Nordic self contained flat 2. My place is situated in very quiet street. Neighbourhood is mix with Australians and other students as my house is very close to university of Tasmania Newnham campus.

Supermarket is just 10 mins away if walking or 2 mins by car. Bus stop is 8 mins away if you are by foot and wanting to visit city centre. Guests are welcome to spend time in lounge area by ne plus manger perdre du poids durablement TV or have dinner in the dinning area. Neighbourhood is very quiet and mixed of people with different countries.

University of Tasmania Newnham campus is just 2 mins away if by walk. Supermarket consists of Coles,Woolworths, Indian and Chinese stores are 8 mins away if you are walking. Bus stop is also 8 mins away if you can you want to visit city centre. Bipin TZ Specialiste augmentation mammaire montreal place with a wonderful room and lovely considerations by the hosts Jeshka TZ Very friendly and a clean house. Good stay.

Calvin TZ Another great stay with welcoming hosts in an ideal location. Martin TZ Very welcoming and clean. Bec TZ terrific young couple Cosy Room for holidays. This very modern and comfortable fully furnished 2 bedroom townhouse is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac only a few minutes drive from the CBD, Cataract Gorge, Lake Trevallyn Reserve, the sports stadium and many other local attractions. The house is fully furnished and has everything you need for your stay; it really is a home away from home.

The house has stairs to access the main living areas from the ground floor entrance so may not be suitable for the elderly or those with children under The Cliff Grounds entrance to the Cataract Gorge is within walking distance for those who love to hike. Other facilities close by include: Penny Royal Complex, Tail Race Centre, Sea Port, Royal Park, Tamar Cruise operators, City Park with awesome monkeys - free viewingTrevallyn bakery and coffee shops, Riverside shopping centre includes supermarket, chemist, post office, bottle shop, banjos bakery, Wise Guise Pizza highly recommendedhairdresser, butcher, etc.

Loyu Lorraine TZ Excellent host who provides complete amenities down to every detail. Lena TZ Great place to stay. Carol TZ Sufficient facilities in house, recommend to visit. Sam TZ Is a nice place nice location Host is nice and quick response too SungFan TZ. Trevallyn Townhouse. An appealing older style home with character in a quiet street. It's spacious, clean and welcoming. Nearby bathroom shared. Two separate toilets.

Views from both indoor and outdoor back verandahs to the East. A continental breakfast. One female host, A spoilt neutered pedigreed cat also lives here. There are two lounge areas: one area includes a dining table set and a TV; the other area is separate for sitting, lounging or reading.

The kitchen provides tea and coffee making facilities with continental breakfast on offer. You can soak up the morning sun on the undercover outdoor back verandah, or sitting in the sunny indoor verandah area, both with views to the east.

Closeby are: The Aquatic Centre; Newstead Hotel; restaurants; cafes and a variety of boutique shops - just a walk away if you didn't care to drive. The walk into the CBD would take approx. Kat TZ Susan is a great host.

Would highly recommend carrie russell feet at Susan's Robert TZ Great place to stay Mason TZ Very enjoyable and relaxed stay with a perfect host and a great view. Robert TZ Susan was an excellent host. Clinton TZ. East Launceston - hilly with views to the East. You will have access to the whole downstairs floor of our home- we provide a small fridge, a kettle with tea, coffee, milk and some yummy biscuits to get you started Please note there is not a kitchen.

We also have a trundle bed with a proper mattress that can be put into the room if you are friends traveling and would prefer not to share a bed.

The space is designed for 2 people, but can accommodate 3. We live on a quiet street which is very close to the city. The neighbourhood boasts many beautiful heritage listed homes and it is a lovely area to explore. Jeanne TZ Le logement était très bien et très propre.

Maurice TZ Accueil agréable, quartier tranquille, plan de ville fourni, jolie randonnée proche Angeliquecrete Orange. Liposuccion efficace quand TZ Second time staying here. Clean, comfortable and good communication.

David And Sharron TZ A nice place to stay, it was quiet, spotlessly clean, and very comfortable bed. Alles sehr positiv : Isabelle TZ Lisa is a wonderful host. Brendan TZ Close to the city, warm in winter.

Jana TZ. Hillcrest Hideaway. Semi self contained studio space part of an architect designed home. Basic toast with condiments provided for breakfast only. Our studio is located on the bottom level of our 2 storey home, which we designed and built a few years ago.

We take great pride in our home and will try our best to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Norwood is about 10mins drive from the Launceston CBD, we are close to bus stops and there is a corner shop very close, plus only 4 mins to the Kings Meadows shopping precinct.

Nous recommandons Manon TZ Appartement confortable, propre et bien équipé! Il faut juste allumer les chauffages et vous y serez très bien ; Alexia TZ Séjour sympathique!

Logement parfait, propre, confortable. Je recommande Benoit TZ La ville était très sympa, à la campagne mais avec des choses autour à voir et à faire donc très agréable! Garry And Debbie TZ. Studio near Launceston. This spacious three bedroom house has quality inclusions and is located in a quiet cul de sac. It is only a 10 minute drive from the city centre of Launceston. The beautiful Cataract Gorge Reserve is a short 8 minute drive, and the Country Club Tasmania with casino and 18 hole golf course is a 10 minute drive.

Situated in convenient location for anyone wishing to see the attractions of Launceston with your own transport. Summerhill is a quiet suburb of Launceston. Supermarkets, medical centre, chemist, petrol stations etc are all nearby. Quiet neighbourhood, very comfortable house, easy driving access to the city. Jalanda TZ A delightful place. Mariya TZ Andrews house is just perfect. Jon TZ Andrew is a good host. Florence TZ A big, clean, and comfortable house. Siok San TZ Fantastic spot. Very clean, peaceful place to stay.

Mai TZ. Summerhill Home. Cheapest and cleanest room for single or couple. Welcome restless traveller to the 'cottage' in Travellers Rest! This little house is a perfect base for exploring Northern Tasmania.

It is situated on an acreage in a quiet area. There might even be some wallabies, echidnas, kookaburras and possums around! If you are adventurous, the property gives access to the South Esk River.

This place is 8 km out of Launceston, with quick access to both the Bass and Midland highways. There will be free wifi, towels, bedsheets. All the standard stuff. Plenty of free parking close to the house. Staircase to upstairs bedroom is relatively steep. As we are in the countryside, please be aware that the ground in the parking area can become muddy during Winter wet weather. Edward TZ Delightful and well appointed self contained accommodation Benjamin TZ Laura's house is very comfortable and very clean cottage.

Josiah TZ It takes only 10mins from Lanceston center but you can enjoy peaceful nature when you come back after busy day trip. Min TZ A beautifully finished and equipped cabin, very clean and private. Ninetta TZ. The Restless Traveller. It is only 1 bedroom unless you pay for the extra bedrooms. This red brick 50's house is full of character. The Manse is situated in tranquil, leafy Newstead, just 4 minutes drive or 10 minutes walk from the CBD.

This peaceful property offers also offers a totally fenced yard and colourful garden. Adjacent to the historic Old Baptist Church, visitors can now also enjoy the gallery and live acoustic music space on the first Sunday of the month. Excellent Milk Bar takeaways next door too! Lok Yee TZ An older establishment that has had a very thoughtful renovation done with all the modern ammenities with very modern fixtures throughout and an incredibly comfortable bed!

Lisa TZ Clean and tidy, with some old world charm. Graham TZ The location is ideal, the cleanliness overall needed attention. The whole place needs a little attention to detail finishing wise, to bring it up to the quality that the price commands Ian Hak TZ Great place, and well priced. Justin TZ Clean, stylish apartment in a nice area. We really enjoyed our short stay. Nina TZ. Lovely quiet area, internal FLAT block with easy access into unit with luggage, wheel chair or pram.

Self contained building, with it's own private patio, and clothes line at rear of unit. Very pretty, safe area with quality homes in entire area, private access to Country Club GOLF course from our property. Short stroll to Italian Club and sports grounds, parks and Casino. Lovely place, people and location Justin TZ Spacious, modern, clean, fully equiped, perfect.

Michael TZ Breakfast provided and quirky zebra design. Comfortable space! Jenny TZ Gorgeous little self contained space. Teresa TZ quiet area, comfy bed, close to everything you could need. Meg TZ Great, cozy little place!