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Cet endroit, ou cette activité, convient-il aux petits groupes moins de quatre personnes? Cette activité convient-elle lors des journées chaudes? Merci pour votre aide! Racontez-nous une autre expérience. Plus d'infos. Législature Lights Segway Adventure.

Guide de voyage. Transfert privé: Edmonton Airport à Edmonton Écrivez un avis. Note attribuée. Type de voyageur. Période de l'année. Filtres sélectionnés. Airdrie, Canada contributions 11 votes utiles. Spring Break.

Ma fille et son amie ont eu beaucoup de plaisir comme à chaque fois que nous venons au Galaxyland au WEM. Lire la suite. Utile Partager. Edmonton, Canada contributions 38 votes utiles. Pratique les jours de pluie. Activité familiale intéressante mais qui ne compétitionne pas avec les centres d'attractions en plein air.

Les manèges offerts sont surtout pour les enfants en bas âge. Les prix sont tout de même assez élevés mais comparables avec les offres semblables. Ces avis sont traduits automatiquement de l'anglais. Voir la traduction automatique? Wyoming, Michigan contributions votes utiles. Bruyant mais les enfants ont adoré. Nous étions ici avec 5 enfants et 6 adultes. À Edmonton, à l'occasion des funérailles de notre père, nous voulions un endroit où nous pourrions parler et laisser les enfants se divertir.

Un adulte et nos 17 ans étaient avec les enfants. Nos enfants nous ont dit qu'ils avaient …. Changer la traduction.

Most of the times we rode in the arena and Kim helped us to improve our riding skills and sometimes we went on a trail ride in this beautiful area. I made some unforgettable memories and met a lot of wonderful people too. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to stay at this wonderful place!

If you love horses and wanna experience the western lifestyle this is definitely the right place for you! I hope to see you guys soon again! I will definitely stop for a visit when I am around : Svenja. Laissé par le workawayer Ina pour l'hôte. I had a fantastic time on the farm of kim and deven. It was the best experience I was able to do in Canada. I learned so much. Thanks to her I was able to improve my riding skills and learn a lot of new things.

Thank you for … read more everything!! We loved Ina! She is lovely. Always smiling and willing to help with anything. She does a good job with everything. And is a great rider. We will miss you Ina!! Oh Juliana, it was great to have her! She is knowledgeable about horses and does well with them.

She was a great worker and always did a good job. We had fun together and her English is amazing :sunglasses:. Laissé par le workawayer Juliana pour l'hôte. I had an awesome time on Kim's ranch! She and her husband are amazing people! Kim was always helping me to improve on barrel racing! She was very paciente, and even when was very busy found a way to help me!

She is very organized, what helps a lot on our work! In their barn has a list with all horses names, witch saddle they use, the food that … read more they must eat. Her house is very clean! Definitely, I would love to come back another time! Thanks for everything Kim and Deven! She is also a very good rider :racehorse: We'd take her back anytime! Laissé par le workawayer Marloes pour l'hôte. I stayed at Kim's and Deven's place for 4 weeks last summer and I had an amazing time! They are both so kind and they taught me a lot of things about life on a ranch and the western riding style.

Their horses are great, just as their dog Lucy and the cats! I got to see a lot of jackpots with Kim and I also joined Deven to a rodeo. Learning how to … read more ride the barrel patron and to rope a dummy was a lot of fun as well! Laissé par le workawayer Madeleine pour l'hôte. I had the best time at Kim and Deven's place! They are amazing people who taught me a lot of things about horses and often took me to rodeos and jackpots.

I could experience farm and rodeo life in rural Alberta and got to meet so many great people during my stay! Kim is a really good cook and did everything to make sure I could travel to Calgary … read more and Jasper during my stay. Deven is always in for a joke and a good laugh while knowing a whole lot about farming. Their place felt like home from the moment I arrived and there is always their dog Lucy or 6 riders ınterkom yorum of the cats who wants some attention.

The horses are really friendly and it was a pleasure to ride them! From trail rides, barrel racing and roping lessons to helping with the horses at jackpots There was never a boring moment!

Work is fun and not hard at all. I also helped with the vegetable garden, weeding, tearing down a fence, cutting firewood, washing trucks and trailers and a lot more! Guys, thank you again for having me! I really enjoyed staying with you!

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We had the pleasure of having Madeleine for 6 weeks late summer of She was an extremely hard worker! Always eager to do something all the time. She is very particular and always takes her time, does a good job, and is very tidy. Her riding skills improved a lot and she got to be … read more very consistent in her cues. The animals all loved her. Any place would be lucky to have her! She is very reliable and can think on her own and always does a great job no matter what the task in the house or outside on the farm.

She is a good rider with quiet hands and … read more bonded well with all our horses. All the farm animals loved her. Anna worked well with other people and always kept things tidy. We were thankful for her diligence and will miss her dearly! Hopefully she will come back Laissé par le workawayer Anna pour l'hôte. I am so greatful that I was able to spend 2,5 month with Kim and Deven.

I wanted to experience the real western lifestyle and couldn't have wished for a better place to stay. I've learned a lot about breeding and training horses, roping and barrel racing. I enjoyed every Jackpot and Rodeo and made lots of great memories I will never forget.

Even … read more if they were busy Kim and Deven took their time to teach me how to rope and barrel race and were so patient with me. I grew up with horses and thought I know lots but i have learned so much during my stay and definitely improved my behaviour on and around horses, it's all about safety which I used to not think about to much before. I really appreciate that they always explained why to do something that way, helped me a lot to understand and memorise it.

The work was never really hard and included horses most of the time. I definitely felt home and enjoyed Kim and Devens great sense of humor. I want to thank you again for your trust and everything you did for me! Laissé par le workawayer Kamie pour l'hôte. From the moment I arrived I felt at home.

The work wasn't hard and was allot of fun. Allot of work was with horses and I got plenty of opportunity to ride. Their horses are amazing. They are kind, well trained and very good taken care of.

What I really liked was that the hosts corrected me on friendly … read more way when I was doing something the wrong, but they also always complimented me on a job well done. We also went to allot of rodeo's and jackpots so I experienced the real rodeo life. In the weekends we got time of and so we could rest or even make a trail ride with their horses. The accommodation was cozy and clean, Kim always made sure that there was plenty of food in the house!

I really like to thank Kim and Deven for having me. They taught me a lot and they inspired me in many ways! If you want the real Western Canadian way of life then you should go to Kim and Deven's! Kamie is a very cheerful fun young woman! We loved having her. She is a good rider and was great handling the horses. She was always happy to do any job around the house or farm that we asked.

Laissé par le workawayer Melanie pour l'hôte. I stayed at Kim and Deven's beautiful ranch for nearly a month and literally had the best time! Both of them are kind, welcoming people, great talking to and good fun as well.

They are doing their best to make you feel welcome and are making sure you get the most out of your stay. I loved going to rodeos and jackpots all over Alberta and being … read more able to see them compete. I immensly enjoyed their western lifesytle with everything that comes with it. Kim and Deven are very horsey people with an impressive amount of knowledge. I was very eager to deepen my own knowledge and master western riding and they were always happy to help me out.

The horses they own are all very well trained and it was a joy riding them. Their lively dog Lucy will always brighten up any day, no matter the weather. The work was never too hard or challenging. I enjoyed helping them out as much as I could and due to the various tasks you'll never get bored. The accommodation was comfortable and very cozy. Moreover Kim's a great cook so we always had delicous dinners. To put it in a nutshell: I am very grateful to Kim and Deven for all they did for me, making me have an unforgettable time at their place.

I dearly hope to come back in the near future! Until then I wish you all the best! We absolutely loved having Melanie! She is a motivated independent worker and always does a great job. She likes to have fun and try new things and was not scared to get her hands dirty. She was also great with the all animals and did well with her riding.

Mel would be an asset to anyone's operation or team. We would love to have her back … read more some day! Suzanne is a lot of fun! We really enjoyed having her: She is a fantastic worker and does things on her own without having to be told everything, which works great on a farm.

She works well on her own or in a group. Suzanne was determined to master western riding and she did absolutely great.

Not only is she wonderful with the horses and the … read more outdoor tasks, she is a fantastic cook too and kept the house tidy! We were sad to see her go. Laissé par le workawayer Suzanne pour l'hôte. Where to start??! Could not have asked for more. Kim's an impressive woman and amazing with her horses! I learned so much from her in the short time I was there and could easily have stayed here for months. If you love horses and outdoor life this is the place for you.

I had the opportunity to ride loads and Kim went above and beyond helping me with my riding and teaching me about working barrels. Deven taught me how to swing a rope too which was cool.

There's endless possibilities here just depends how much energy you've got! The work was never too hard. I cooked a bit too which I love doing anyway. The accommodation is perfect really felt like home.

Kim and Deven are both good fun and can't do enough for you. But you have got plenty of your own space too. They took me out and about to dinner and movies, even to a friends place for thanksgiving which was SOOO good : Kim even arranged rides for me with friends if I wanted to go anywhere. I met so many nice people here too, lots of Kim's friends and Devens mum Dianne and Lorna who were so nice and made me feel right at home.

They also have proper good healthy food here so if you are worried about being force fed buscuits and red bull for breakfast you won't have that problem here ; Would have loved to be here in the summer when they were busy, my only other regret is by being able to stay longer! Would definitely come back if I ever had the chance. I miss this place, the people, the lovely horses and wee Lucy the dog!

JoJo is an amazing young woman! We loved having her very very much. She is an exceptional rider and fantastic at handling and caring for the horses. She is also a very thorough and self motivated hard worker no matter what the task. We had a great time with her because she's so fun too. Laissé par le workawayer Jojo pour l'hôte. I spent the month of May with Kim and Deven at their place near Ponoka. It was my first workaway experience and I'm so glad I got to go there first.

There is nothing they won't do for you!! If you need anything you just have to ask and it will happen. They are so accommodating and friendly and Deven attempts to be funny! I am a very experienced … read more horse rider but I learnt so much about the western style and their ways. Frases de complemento de regimen verbal is a fantastic horsewoman and will teach you as much as you want to learn.

They are very committed to their work and to their lifestyle and it was much appreciated that they allowed me to stay with them and take care of me :-!! I haven't just gained a workaway experience I have gained friends for life who I will definitely be going to visit again in the future! You guys rule!! Laissé par le workawayer anja pour l'hôte. Kim and devin are awesome people! Laissé par le workawayer aloña pour l'hôte. I had a great time working on the ranch.

They welcomed me into their home and had everything that I needed. They took me to many many competitions, so I was lucky to see more countryside and to know about barrel racers … read more incredible lifestyle, it was nice to be included! I also learned about horses. I had no horse experience before, so they thought me a lot. The food was very good and I enjoyed to cook from time to time for them. I enjoyed working and helping them as much as I could.