Hot air balloon rides uk north west

Publications des visiteurs. Michael Wagner. Patty Appelquist Pearson. Johnny Tingle. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Nana Oye on Twitter. Weather looks good for the flight It is a long distance high altitude hot air balloon flight to raise money for cancer research. You can be a part of this f Extreme Flight Tecvisions.

Hot air balloon rides uk north west

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Vols en montgolfière à North Yorkshire

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Hot air balloon flight over Annecy

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Supprimer tous les filtres. Activités de plein air. Vols en montgolfière. Vols en montgolfière 4. Convient aux couples.

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Convient aux amateurs de sensations fortes. For further information see the website or call us. Ballooning, like serendipity, is the art of making happy and unexpected discoveries by chance.

Where we go is entirely dependent upon the wind. No two flights are the same. The average distance we travel is ten miles, affording you stunning views of the surrounding scenery. Age is no barrier to enjoying this spectacular journey, our passengers ages range from nine to ninety! We provide a friendly and personal service. Passengers may like to help lay out and launch the balloon or simply leave this to our ground crew.

For your safety and comfort we suggest you wear outdoor clothing suitable for the time of year. A balloon basket is a brilliant platform for photography, bring a camera or camcorder, plenty of memory and a spare battery! Chilled Champagne or orange juice is served with our compliments. Each passenger receives a commemorative flight certificate signed by the pilot.

Our experienced retrieve crew, who are in radio contact with the balloon, meet us on landing and will return you to the launch site.