All rides at holiday world

More from their website :. The theme of The Legend wooden roller coaster is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, as riders race through the woods as if chased in terror by the relentless Headless Horseman.

New in experience Legend reborn, with nearly 1, feet of new track all eight layers! This season, ride Legend again for the first time!

The double helix throws riders from side to side and the disorienting finish with a new double-down feature added in ! I quickly headed to the back of the park to the Thanksgiving section for the coaster that I saw on TV.

It was the mighty Thunderbird! This is what is called a launch coaster, it is not quite like Storm Runner that we rode at Hersheypark, which is more an out and back so fast you will miss it if you close your eyes, right Michele? No lift hill? Thunderbird launches riders from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3. Then multiple loops, rolls, twists and turns begin: including a story Immelmann loop, Zero-g roll, barrel roll, and the tallest vertical loop on any wing coaster!

All rides at holiday world

After trying to contain my smile and recover from a heart attack I headed right down the road to The Voyage. This is by far the granddaddy of them all in this park. You can see its hill from the parking lot with the colorful flags flapping in the wind.

From the website :. The Voyage is an air-time machine, with riders experiencing a feeling of weightlessness for a total of This extreme ride takes the traditional out-and-back layout to the edge of insanity, with one of the steepest drops on any wooden roller coaster in the world. The Voyage is 1. The Voyage also has three sections of extreme, degree banking.

We carved out five underground tunnels for The Voyage, which is a world record.

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The Pilgrims never had it so good! Who would have thought that this little park in the middle of nowhere would be this awesome.

I was so happy I made it a part of the tour. Not only did it have three amazing woodie coasters that rival any of the huge theme parks like Cedar Point or even Kings Island or Busch Gardens but this park was just special.

All rides at holiday world

It was intimate. It was brilliantly laid out and just fun! I hope someday soon we will be able to visit again. My hotel was about 45 minutes to the north in a little community, Jasper, that makes you think of rural Americana. There were tractor dealers, farm supply companies and feed stores. There were mom and pop groceries and little community banks. So much different than the big city of Chicago that I left earlier this morning. My stay would be at a Super 8. I highly recommend the triple decker hot fudge cake.

Later that night I would speak to Michele. She would be back home in Alaska and I would see her in about a week. But the phone call ended up being a rather frothy one!

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We have six beehives and Michele had never checked them before by herself. It ended up being quite the night with our daughter first calling in a panic with Michele screaming in the background! With me on the phone, miles a way Nicole in a panic, our friend and sled dog handler Vanessa running home because bees somehow got down her pants, I tried to calm the crew down.

After it was all said and done Michele got about a dozen stings and a vow that she would never check the hives again. Célébrez Noël à l'hôtel Holiday World Polynesia avec 1 bouteille de cava incluse par séjour. Pas de minimum de nuits! Venez du dimanche au jeudi et profitez de l Laissez-vous surprendre par la décoration des hôtels, mangez comme nulle part ailleurs dans leurs restaurants, offrez à vos enfants le plaisir d'assister à nos camps d'été, profitez de notre centre sportif ou célébrez simplement votre journée spéciale dans un environnement.

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