Botox gp training

He has over 30 years experience as a General Practitioner working in inner city, rural and remote practices with special interests in the care of people with HIV, mental health and Indigenous Health. Today we discuss his two books "First: Do No Harm" and "Every Doctor", the concepts of self-care, the carers paradox, how we can develop the relationships with ourselves, our family and our work, and some of the principles and foundations of resilience.

And there are a few tangents as well. Before being a GP she was a paediatric and maternal health nurse for 20 years - what an excellent mix! Today we discuss diagnosing dementia.

Providing support, information and services for people living with dementia, carers, family and health professionals. Professor David Hunter is a rheumatology clinician-researcher whose main research focus has been clinical and translational research in osteoarthritis OA. Dr Hunter has over peer-reviewed publications in international journals, numerous book chapters, is the section editor for UpToDate Osteoarthritis and has co-authored a number of books.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative discussion around osteoarthritis pathophysiology, imaging, prevention and treatment. Derniers Plus joués Plus populaire Rechercher.

Enjoy friends. Écouter Écoute encore Continuer Écoutez Écoutez plus tard Écoutez plus tard. Today we discuss: Antibiotic stewardship and practical GP considerations in antibiotic prescribing including shared decision making, penicillin hypersensitivity, paediatric recommendations etc Ear nose throat: Acute otitis media and tonsillitis update Respiratory: Community-acquired pneumonia update Genitourinary: UTI and STI update GIT: Diverticulitis and parasite update Dermatology: Cellulitis, bite wounds, diabetic foot infection And tangential questions in-between!

Enjoy friends. Today we discuss Low Carb for Diabetes. What aspects and values of Aboriginal culture can the health system learn from, adopt and apply? In a clinical setting, how can we change our approach to work with Aboriginal people?

Ongoing resources Apologies for the less than ideal sound quality mostly when I am talking as we had to use a backup recording software. Enjoy Friends.

Botox gp training

Today we discuss physical activity vs sedentary behaviour. What are the funding packages and what can participants use them on and not use them on? How much can they receive? What is the process for people applying for the NDIS? What is this process like for people first-hand experience How do GPs and health professionals complete a form successfully?

How much evidence do we need? Are there adult and paediatric functional assessment tools? Are there templates we can use? Are GPs renumerated for it? Are there regular reviews and how long does it continue for?

#68 Parkinson's Disease with Dr Ron Granot Neurologist

What resources are available to help health professionals complete these? Today we discuss binge eating disorders BEDs and their relevance to obesity. How do we define BEDs? How common is it? Are there subtypes and diagnostic criteria? What are the signs and symptoms of BED? What are the causes and risk factors?

What are the treatment options? More episodes www. Further episodes at www. What is the DSP and how much is it? Carers allowance vs carers payment What are the requirements of the DSP? For health problems - how does one qualify for the DSP? What constitutes as enough evidence for the points system?

What should be in letters from GPs and health professionals? You all did so well and we look forward to welcoming you part of the Team My Skin Clinic Congratulations on Passing your training course and pictures to follow shortly We train doctors in Botox and Fillers under the supervision of our Highly skilled team. Aller vers.

Botox gp training

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