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Amen to that! The point wasn't about buying the wrong book, the point was the wrong books are coming up when he searches for Horror and it's making it harder for him to find Horror novels. From an author's viewpoint, you only get so many categories for your book I think four is the max, there are the two you pick, then you might get another two because of your keywords.

If you are in the wrong category, that means that people who are searching for your type of writing are LESS likely to find your book, because there is a place you should be other than horror, and your book isn't there.

The forum comments monitor! I'm here to speak my mind.

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I wont. Unless you pick on other people. Oh, please. Stop conflating my comments into attacks. Don't you have enough drama in your life?

Remembering RL Stine, the bestselling 'Goosebumps' author who gave nightmares to children

I haven't addressed anyone personally, unlike you and norman. Most of the members of this forum appreciate my blunt honesty, and say so repeatedly. There's a difference between blunt and rude. This may have been said already but, is everybody aware that the "keywords" you put will place you in these other strange categories? Yes, that's how I get my own books placed in categories the very limited category section does not offer. I'm sure we've all wondered where the author who got 1 in Erotica Women's Suspense, found that category.

It's from the keywords you put for your work. So, if you want to rank in the proper category, as well as rank in many others, make sure you put proper keywords. I would suggest Googling "What keywords should I put to get my book ranking on Amazon" and find the person that knows just how to do that.

It's out there, I found it. I'd tell you now except I don't remember, sorry, lol. Right now, I'm on here trying to figure out the criteria Amazon uses to determine if they will list you in erotic romantic suspense or romantic suspense. If I select romance in the main category section of the upload, and then put erotic romantic suspense in the keywords, which trumps the other?

And does one cancel out the other? Guess I'll write them and ask. I discovered the other day that one of my books appears in a different subcategory in the UK store than it does in the US one. There is nothing wrong with the categorization either place; it's just different--but based on the same keywords. Aller en haut. This group would present an opportunity for writers and would be writers to share their short stories, novels or poems with like minded writers to grow and become more skilled in the horror genre without the pervasive negative biases that pervade many other writing groups.

Writers would be expected not only to share, but to give helpful feedback to their brother and sister writers. The group would meet once a month or possibly more often as it develops. Accéder directement au contenu.

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