Actor ajith bike ride from pune to chennai

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Thanks to Anjali Marar and friends of Jishnu, who made our day. We dedicate our expedition to my riding partner and great friend, Denny Abraham George, with whom I conceived the idea of the Coastal Chase, which is still in the process of implementation in a phased manner.

Day 6: After spending the New Year eve in the beautiful city of Davangere, the Team Tarmach One is back on saddle, on the 1st day of the new year. From Davanger … e to the historical town of Sira, kms. An additional day, 31st Dec.

Enjoyed Butter Dosa, their speciality.

Actor ajith bike ride from pune to chennai

Spent time relaxing, updated ride report, washed clothes. Decided on an early start tomorrow. We we're woken up from our afternoon fiesta by the hotel manager saying that some Kannada newspaper guys are down waiting for us. Apparently one of the so many people who got intrigued by our ride and mission seems to have alerted the newspaper guys. They even seem to have got the name of the hotel where we we're to put up at.

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The interview was quite interesting. Only thing that we had to go to our room and wear our riding gear for a photo session. Earlier in the day, I had bought some miniature bottles of spirits for our New Year celebrations.

But, the fact is that we hit the sack much before, as the New Year celebrations continued on the road in front of our building. It was with much difficulty, we landed an accommodation in Sira Town. There were no hotels listed on Internet. With the help of the hotel staff where we stayed in Davangere, we secured an air conditioned 'pigeon hole' in a lodge, situated in a crowded, dirty and dusty part of the city, somewhat close to the NH.

The street was full of thattukadas offering Poori bhaji to biriyani to kababs. And, there were a lot of people we're thronging to their favourite joints. The entire place looked chotic, cacophonic, and unhigienic and unhealthy. We walked into a small, but decent enough, shop. They face tough competition from the eatery shacks just in front of them. A lady is in charge. Her husband who commutes daily to Bangalore for work, is on leave in view of the New Year.

The diner was a vegetarian delight. They promised us to make Shira, in other words Kesari, for breakfast. We met a Malayali member of a motorcycle gang, who spent the New Year in Goa, and we're returning to Chennai where they work. He was so happy to see us.

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The dream Deccan Roll struggled to meet the target, but at the cost of a day in the bargain, compelling us to … reschedule the ride again. It's difficult for an endurance cyclist to be an early bird every day.

Yesterday, was one such day. On the eve of the fifth day's ride we checked into Mantra Residency at Hubballi late. Eventually we slept late, woke up late, and were 3 hours behind schedule to start and had a km ride ahead. Our hopes for some flat terrains were partly fulfilled, but had some pretty Herculean climbs and equally cherishable downhills. Very few eateries or kiosks on the NH. For the first time, we ran out of water.

We had to stop a car and request for some water, which they kindly obliged. A lot of sugar cane is being produced in this part, but not a single "Rasvanti Gruh" in sight. Water, water everywhere, but a not a drop to drink.

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We, finally, rode into a Petrol Station and stored sufficient filtered water. The sun showed no mercy to us. And to make matters worse, the side winds hampered our progress as we were trapped in a wide wind tunnel.

As we rode, we could see far away, the blades of the countless wind mills churning and harnessing the energy for the State. We were very late in reaching Davangere, around 11pm. Had we not booked the accommodation, expecting troubles otherwise, we may have had to sleep on the pavement in the kind of cold environs, which we are not so used to. As we approached the city, as expected, we had an Entourage of dogs, not hostile, welcoming to the city. Fortunately for us, we rang the hotel manager, Mr.

Vinay, at Srigandha Residency in Davangere, well in advance, informing him of our delayed start and approx. Seeing that we would be reaching the hotel late into the night, the manager showed immense care and hospitality in ensuring our rooms were ready for us, along with a delicious meal for two, upon arrival. Friends, every part of India is unimaginably exciting, breathtaking, diverse and unassuming.

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Ride on, there is no such medium as a bicycle, to see and feel our great nation, India. We both wish you happy and safe riding throughout the year, and wish everyone a very very Happy New Year. PS: We wished to take more pictures and share with you all. But, what with the arduous nature of the ride and preoccupations associated with that, we failed to do so.

Kindly bear with, please. We keep asking the local people about the terrain on the eve of each day's ride. There is only a small ghat section, rest is all flat. And, today we haven't seen a kilometer of flat road, only killer climbs and, as a solace, some downhills.

Have a look at the graph, it was a huge punishment. And, to worsen matters, high velocity head winds started around Four days of getting tortured on the tarmac, taught us one thing: Better go by your instincts, and take everything that comes into your stride He joined us from the base, stopped whenever we did, followed closely till the summit.

And, when the downhill started, he couldn't pick up pace with us. I felt so sad we could not stop and say how much we loved his brief company. Till we meet next time Blackie Video by Jishnu Varma. Climbs in all forms. To top it all, two ghat sections. A terrific 6km long downhill. An exhausting day where we di … d only km, but with an elevation gain of metres. We are taking a break today.