Obese and muscle cramps

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Obese and muscle cramps

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Mol Genet Metab ;—9. Fourty-four years of brody disease: it is time to review. J Genet Syndr Gene Ther ; Suggest Documents. Constrictive pericarditis: an underdiagnosed cause of chest pain. Quinine for muscle cramps. Silent sinus syndrome: an underdiagnosed entity.

Underdiagnosed Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome among early onset obese children. Sjögren's syndrome: An underdiagnosed condition in mixed connective tissue disease. Natural history of muscle cramps in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Prevention of muscle cramps in haemodialysis patients by quinine sulphate. White matter relapsing remitting disease: "Susac's syndrome"-An underdiagnosed entity.

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Prevalence of muscle cramps in patients with diabetes. Ocular rosacea: an underdiagnosed cause of relapsing conjunctivitis-blepharitis in the elderly. CPAP treats muscle cramps in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Teaching video neuroimages: muscle cramps and a raised creatine kinase.

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Functional hyposplenism is an important and underdiagnosed immunodeficiency condition in children. Differentiating nocturnal leg cramps and restless legs syndrome.

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Muscle intrusion as a potential cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. An extremely rare cause of bruising in children: autoerythrocyte sensitization syndrome. A randomized trial of mexiletine in ALS: Safety and effects on muscle cramps and progression.

Grisel's syndrome: an unusual cause of torticollis. Leg cramps. Epipericardial fat necrosis: an underdiagnosed condition. Baclofen for the treatment of muscle cramps in patients with cirrhosis: A new alternative. Download PDF. Recommend Documents.