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Can you help us improve our crafts, art and photography section? What titles would you love to see in the shop? Shout some favourites out- we'd love to hear! Much worse has been done, or allowed to be done, in the name of the people and eventually, those same people have called it out, stood up, resisted. We are recommending Resist: Stories of Uprising, via Commapress.

This is a collection of essays worked up collaboratively between historians and fiction writers about people powered change. This book club aims to bring students and professionals of STEM subjects together, to discuss books related to women in STEM, to share views and experiences, to network and to help each other overcome the barriers in the male-dominated STEM environments.

Next meet up is: … Monday, Jan 20 - location: Lighthouse. We will be discussing davasobel 's book, The Glass Universe. Further details on the events page of the website. We recently loved Grillo Designs series howirent and it's got us thinking about our own take on interiors, housing, homemaking, crafts and architecture in the shop. Hearing Africa from TheVitaminDProject, discuss the importance of putting down roots and fighting stigma around social housing really got us thinking. Should we be helping customers skill up to jaw slimming botox uk in a more individual and self expressive way?

What about thrifting? Are there eco issues to these categories that are explored particularly well by an author or creative you love? What about the ever present threat of commercialisation of culture or buying into capitalist home trends?

Shout out any recommended titles as we want to know! All of us at the Lighthouse bookshop have a soft spot for this sweet bestseller by Charlie Mackesy.

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Reading it feels a little like taking a long held breathe in and out. Friendly reminder that we stock diaries, cards, totes and more for some of your gift giving needs this December.

Yes, we have lots of books but you can tell yourself you're shopping for others if you add one of these to your shopping list too. Plus we like the idea of sliding in some radical beliefs into an unsuspecting recipient of one of our dairies.

Common Weal is developing policy on and campaign for social and economic equality, for wellbeing and the environment, for quality of life, for peace and justice. Its home is in Scotland and the outlook is global. It is a costed proposal for how to avert the environmental crises, transform Scotland and get the nation ready for the era to come.

We love this experimental novel from Meena Kandasamy that rejects memoir even as it pulls it apart for examination. Revealing our ecosystems to be under a sustained attack, Nick Meynen, a professional environmental activist, finds causes for hope in unconventional places.

Weekends are our favourite book days ok, every day is a book day so we are thinking about the Art of Rest. What is keeping us so busy?


Instead we should start taking rest seriously as a method of self-care and this book can help us to work out how. Love this initiative by the wonderful people at Scottish Book Trust - we've chipped in, will you? Office Items related. Other collections. Creative hobbies. Plants, Seeds and Bulbs.

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